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Is Johnny Manziel ready to settle down with TCU coed Colleen Crowley? (photos)


As the NFL training camps get set to kick-off over the next week or so, perhaps the most encouraging news Cleveland Browns fans could hear is that first-round draft picks and presumed franchise savior Johnny Manziel appears to be inclined to settling down … at least insofar as it relates to becoming a one-woman man, something that certainly could be considered a step in the right direction out of his purported hard-partying ways.

The Browns rookie has been spotted frequently of late with Colleen Crowley, a student at TCU. Ever since the two took in a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park together in early July — and reportedly on a handful of occasions before that — it seems that Crowley has been at Johnny Football’s side so often that it lends credence to the speculation that the two are in it for more than just a summertime fling.

In perhaps the most telling indicator that the two are becoming a committed couple came on Monday night, when both posted photos of the two getting all snuggly on their respective Instagram accounts.

Manziel posted the below two photos of them coupling up and being all cute and stuff while enjoying an evening out with pals.

Crowley also posted a photo of herself planting a smooch on Manziel close to the same time as his social media activities.

As an old fogey, this writer is not well-versed in how the younger set go about articulating that they are hopelessly devoted to another. But given that essentially everything young whippersnappers do these days revolves around selfies, tweets and other assorted social media postings and whatnot, odds are that the two going full frontal by documenting demonstrations of syrupy sweet lovey dovey behavior most assuredly means at least something.

But before any declaration of a Manziel-Crowley couplehood is considered a stone-cold lock, Manziel is a guy who loves to play the field, evidenced by his dalliances with model Kyndal Kyaire and before that, he was spotted out and about in L.A. with another model, Lauren Hanley, all within a period of few months earlier this year.

Still, the photos Manziel and Crowley posted on Monday night are so darn cute and are some indication that two may be an item, right? As the kids might say, “Cray cray adorbs.” They’re still saying that, right?