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Brooks Laich, Julianne Hough’s Twitter interactions are almost sickeningly saccharine (pics)


As the NHL world reels as it attempts to come to terms with the news that Alexander Ovechkin and tennis star Maria Kirilenko have broken off their engagement, at least some solace can be achieved by knowing that the relationship between Brooks Laich, Ovi’s Washington Capitals teammate, and actress Julianne Hough is still going strong.

So strong, in fact, that reviewing the Twitter interactions between the two, who have been dating since last December, may result in a mouthful of tooth decay, as the social media correspondence between the two, not to mention their lovey-dovey comments about the other are so sickeningly sweet they border on the unreadable.

Miss Hough celebrated her 26th birthday on Sunday and beyond the personal well wishes and presumably extravagant giving of gifts, Laich took to Twitter to smear sugary love missives all over his gal pal.

Aww, isn’t that … too much? It’s like an example of overdone puppy love where one of the canines has a case of rabies. Russian Machine Never Breaks  took some time to properly chronicle that the above demonstration of Laich and Hough being “that couple” — you know the kind of couples who cause people start making gagging gestures the moment they leave the room — is not limited to birthday wishes, especially as it relates to Laich’s social media activity.  

To wit:

To say that Laich has got it bad for Hough may be an understatement. This guy clearly is in the intoxicating throes of a bout with full-on love fever. Good for him. And them.