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Embarrassing: Two grown men wrestle over Torii Hunter home run ball (video)


Torii Hunter hit a two-run homer off Josh Tomlin to put the Detroit Tigers ahead by a score of 4-0 in an eventual 5-1 win over the Cleveland Indians at Comerica Park on Sunday, but it is what happened once the ball cleared the fence that makes the round-tripper a more compelling — and embarrassing — story than one would expect.

Once the ball cleared the bullpen and just sneaked over the left field railing, a tussle ensued between two grown men over the procurement of the coveted souvenir.

The adults — one a Tigers fan and one an Indians fan — continued to wrestle over the baseball for far longer than any two grown men should ever feel the need to grapple over such a thing. It was an epically sad of tug of war where embarrassment for both parties would prevail.

In the end, in arguably the most fitting outcome of the fight for the ball — the Tigers fan managed to pry the souvenir away from the Indians fan as he won the battle … but arguably lost the war, because in such a silly display of immaturity, there are no real winners, just losers.

The best part is the two combatants remained seated next to each other after the melee. That must have been awkward, right? But it looks like from the video that the two were at least having a bit of chuckle about it, presumably a wee bit embarrassed over their respective shenanigans.