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Rory McIlroy celebrated British Open win with Jagerbombs from Claret Jug? (photos)


Despite a few hiccups over the weekend that allowed Rickie Fowler on Saturday and Sergio Garcia on Sunday to make an effort at making The Open Championship a competition, Rory McIlroy’s continued near-perfect play over the weekend that started on Thursday made the British Open less of a tournament and more of a coronation of the world’s next greatest golfer.

His convincing victory over a leaderboard littered with big names with even bigger talent was McIlroy’s third major championship, meaning he joins Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only golfers who have won three majors by the age of 25. Pretty heady company, to say the least.

Being a relatively young pup as far as career accomplishments most golfers dare to dream about, it should come as little surprise that McIlroy relished his monumental achievement over the weekend. It also shouldn’t be shocking that a photo surfaced that appeared to indicate that the celebration may have veered into vaguely debaucherous territory, insofar as the world of professional golf is concerned.

Yep, while a majority of the photographic evidence documenting Rory’s post-tourney celebrations that the golfer posted himself to social media (above) appears tame enough, it seems McIlroy and his closest friends and family may have done a little bit of boozing, utilizing the Claret Jug as a glorified shot glass.

While Phil Mickelson claimed that he drank a $40,000 bottle of wine out of Claret Jug during his year-long possession of the trophy following his British Open title last summer, McIlroy instead opted for a certain kind of liquor more befitting his age and a favorite of his generation.


According to a series of tweets from the Irish Golf Desk’s Brian Keogh, it appears that McIlroy and his fellow revelers imbibed on some Jagerbomb shots.

A photo shared by Keogh shows McIlroy’s mum and presumably a chum of his carefully pouring some Jagermeister into the Claret Jug.

In light of ex-fiancée Caroline Wozniacki’s perceived potshot at Rory McIlroy’s height in an Instagram post last week, let’s just say that any Jagermeister shot tipped back out of the Claret Jug could have been a “tall” one.   Keogh notes in a later tweet that it is unclear whether or not McIlroy partook in the anise-flavored liquor, but notes that it falls well within the realm of possibility.

McIlroy has a history of having a predilection towards enjoying the intoxicating effects of Jagermeister, so chances are good he had at least one or two Bombs during the evening’s celebration.

Following his infamous Sunday meltdown at the Masters in 2011 when he blew a four-shot final round lead, a photo of McIlroy tipping back a Jager bottle made its way around the interwebs.


Further, this wouldn’t even be the first time that McIlroy has used a trophy as a conveyance to get booze in his belly, as he once pounded Jagerbombs out of the Ryder Cup back in 2010.

So, yeah, Rory probably knocked back a few Bombs. And much like Michelle Wie using the U.S. Open trophy to tip back an adult beverage, he more than deserved to have a little fun. Good for him. And even better for the world of professional golf.