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Here’s the Stars’ Tyler Seguin letting a guy hit a tee shot off his crotch (video)


After over a year-long absence, Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin made his triumphant return to Twitter following a sabbatical from the social media site after a controversial tweet were posted to his account, an incident that he claims was the nefarious work of hackers.

Seguin has remained somewhat prolific on Instagram, though, and his return to Twitter perfectly coincided with his photo and video-posting antics.

The Stars, um, star posted a tweet to earlier this week to promote The Fourth Period Charity Golf Classic, an event that was held on Thursday.

During the event, Seguin did what any sane individual should rightfully consider to be an unthinkable act: Allowing a guy to hit a tee shot off his crotch.

Thankfully, things went about as well as possible, as there was no club face-to-crotch contact. Chances are the only thought racing through Seguin’s head as the guy brought the club back was, “Don’t … flinch.” Which he didn’t. And that’s a good thing.

In fact, once the swing cleared his crotch without doing irreparable testicular damage, Seguin said, “Ohh, it tickled!” Alrighty then. Better than screaming, “OWWWW! MY BALLS!!!!”

But let’s be honest, here: So, so much more can go wrong engaging in such a foolish endeavor than anything good. But in the end, Seguin evidently walked away unscathed, presumably thanking his lucky stars that his man parts were still connected to his body.

Such risky golf-related antics aren’t new. Perhaps the most notable act of “Hitting a Tee Shot from a Place A Tee Shot Should Never be Hit” is when John Daly hit a golf ball off a tee sticking out of a woman’s mouth. Sure, Daly has hit a million tee shots before, and things went of without a hitch, but all it takes is a slight miss for things to go horribly awry.

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