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Robert Griffin III stars as ‘Triiiple Impact’ in DC Comics’ Gatorade digital comic (pics)


Last week, images began to surface that indicated that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, among other NFL stars, soon would be getting his own Gatorade bottle as part of some superhero-inspired marketing gimmick.

It was also believed that said bottle would coincide with a digital comic, as that previously has been a go-to move out of Gatorade’s promotional playbook.

It turns out both suspicions were correct, as RG3 makes his superhero debut in the new digital comic created in partnership between Gatorade and DC Comics, which is part of “The League of Captains” series.


His superhero alter-ego name? As you can see above, it’s Triiiple Impact. Get it? Instead of one “i” in “Triple,” there is three? Just like his name! Genius! Or should I write, geniiius!

Here’s an image grab from RG3’s digital comic (via D.C. Sports Bog):


It looks like a pretty dicey situation right there for Triiiple Impact. So face front, true believers!

Note: Yes, I get that using Stan Lee’s patented line in reference to a D.C. Comics production is comic book heresy … work with me here.

Moving on, it would be interesting to find out Triiiple Impact’s secret weakness or vulnerability. My guess is it would involve an unsuitable, sloppy and torn-up playing surface and a reckless, ego-maniacal head coach hellbent on winning, no matter the costs. Just a hunch.