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LeBron James unsure what number to use with Cavaliers, asks for fans’ help (photo)


LeBron James apparently has found himself in quite the conundrum regarding his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, long before he has even donned his hometown team’s jersey once again.

And said conundrum involves said jersey.

James is undecided about what number he should use in his “Cleveland Cavaliers Stint 2: Electric Boogaloo,” so he reached out to his millions of fans on social media requesting their help in his “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” scenario (the LOTR reference was just to keep the movie theme of the sentence going … apologies for the hackneyed effort).

It appears LeBron is deciding between No. 6 and No. 23, the two numbers he has worn during his NBA career. James donned the No. 23 from his sophomore year in high school all the way through the duration of his first stint with the Cavs. James of course wore the No. 6 during his four-year stopover with the Miami Heat.

Sources tell ESPN’s Darren Rovell that beyond contemplating the above two number, James reportedly is also considering wearing No. 32, which he wore his freshman year of high school when No. 23 was not available.

Whatever number James elects to use, it will be financial bonanza for the Cavaliers and the NBA. James has had the best-selling jersey in the league six of the eleven seasons in his career and has had the best-selling jersey the past two years.

Pre-orders for replica jerseys have been brisk as everyone waits for LeBron to make up his mind. At $69.99 a pop, that’s some serious scratch. Rovell also reports that the Cavaliers are also selling a “replica youth jersey ($49), a swingman jersey ($99) and the authentic jersey ($300).”

The jerseys are merely the tip of the money-generating iceberg as it relates to James’ return to Cleveland, as estimates indicate his “coming home” may be a $500 million boon to the Cleveland economy. Not too shabby.