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Did Caroline Wozniacki take a shot at Rory McIlroy’s height with high heels photo? (pics)


While we cannot be positive exactly what message Caroline Wozniacki was sending, if any at all, by posting a photograph of her rocking high heels to her Instagram account, it’s certainly plausible given the message she attached to the pic that she may have been taking a shot at the height of her ex-fiancĂ©, Rory McIlroy.

As McIlroy appears to be in “cruise control,” as the analysts are putting it, as he makes his way around the links course at Royal Liverpool during the second round of the British Open on Friday. Wozniacki, meanwhile was strutting her stuff on shopping excursion with a friend in Istanbul, Turkey after tweeting a photo of her and her friend getting a well-needed pedicure alongside her pal (above).

Of course, the Wozillroy coupling was a long-term relationship that saw them rise to the top of celebrity sports figure romances. That is until McIllroy reportedly dumped the 24-year-old Danish tennis star in rather crude and unbecoming fashion by breaking the news to her during a three-minute phone call, allegedly to better focus on his golf career. To make matters worse, McIlroy pulled the trigger shortly after the two sent out wedding invitations. Ouch.

Which brings us to Woznaicki’s recent social media activity. Attached to the below photo, Wozniacki writes on Instagram, “Out and about in Istanbul. It’s been 3 years since I have worn heels on a normal day out,” before adding the hashtags, “#feelsgood #looksgood #shopping #highheels #sun.”

The inference that the comments were making fun of McIlroy’s height is that at a statuesque 5-foot-10, Wozniacki, out of respect to her man, probably opted not to wear high heels when out and about with him, as Rory only stands about 5-foot-8.

The three-year reference of course is approximately the length of time of the couple’s relationship. Oh snap!

A pretty sweet dig, indeed, if that was her intent. And if it wasn’t and it simply was a fringe benefit of an innocuous post? So much the better.

As far as Wozniacki’s activity on social media is concerned related to her relationship to McIlroy, despite its assumed but subtle dig at the golfer, in terms of quality, it comes behind the time she posted a photo of a crashed-out, sleeping Rory to her Twitter account in 2013 (something that allegedly became a source of friction between the two)…


And how she changed her Twitter avatar to her wearing a witch Halloween costume stirring a cauldron (“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”) shortly after McIlroy dumped her:


Good stuff, Miss Wozniacki. Keep it coming.

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