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Tiger Woods yells ‘Jesus Christ!’ at people taking photos during his swing (video)

Tiger Woods’ first round at The Open Championship couldn’t have gotten off to a worst start on Thursday at Royal Liverpool, as he went bogey-bogey on his first two holes. But five birdies in the final eight holes enabled him to walk off the links course with a 3-under 69.

With a lot of golf left to be played and some big shooters — such as the red-hot Justin Rose, Martin Kaymer, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott and others — just staring their first rounds, Woods nevertheless is well within sniffing distance of clubhouse leader Rory McIlroy, who carded a magnificent 6-under 66, heading into his second round on Friday.

Not only was Woods round have all the appearances of an eventful one on his scorecard — a lot of circles and squares on that bad boy — he also experienced a few interesting incidents while playing out his first round.

On the 17th hole, an errant tee shot drilled a guy in the face who was standing in the rough. But that wasn’t it as another odd incident occurred during Tiger’s stroll around the links course — or,  given his history with a certain kind of antic, perhaps a not-so-odd of an incident — as Woods could be audibly heard yelling “Jesus Christ!” at the gallery as clicking cameras kept interrupting him mid-swing his second shot on the 18th hole.

As he prepared to hit his shot, Woods asked the gallery standing in the quirky out of bounds area down the right side of the 18th fairway to stop with the on-course photography during his warm-up swings.

It was unclear if the camera-clicking was being rudely committed by professional photographers, patrons or a combination of both (or just one solitary individual from either camp), but Woods clearly was irritated. Of course, this is not the first time photogs have got under Tiger’s skin and definitely not the last time either.

But the warning did not end the antics. As Tiger drew his club back, he must have heard another camera click, as he was forced to halt mid-swing. And then, as he is wont to do, Woods unleashed a semi-profane admonishment to the cretin or cretins who could not help but take a photo.

That’s when Woods hurled a “Jesus Christ!” at the group of people standing nearby, an exclamation that was very audibly picked up and heard by anyone watching ESPN’s broadcast.

As noted above, Woods is renowned for being the kind of golfer who will spew venom at people taking photos during play and has little patience for folks who do not understand the finer points of the decorum expected of patrons and photographers patrolling the course. If people keep clicking, Tiger will keep swearing. Simple as that.

(video via SB Nation)