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Poor shot elicits an ‘Oh, sh*t!’ out of the mouth of nice guy Phil Mickelson (video)


Phil Mickelson is universally known as an all-around nice guy, the kind of man a golfer will point out to his kid and say, “Son, that’s how you should conduct yourself on the golf course.”

But even guys with a lily-white reputation and fan-friendly persona that Mickelson has meticulously honed and carefully cultivated over his long career is as capable as any other pro golfer to utter a vulgarity in the heat of the moment.

Mickelson hit a wayward shot on the 18th hole during his first round at the British Open Thursday at Royal Liverpool and he knew it from the get-go.

Almost instantly after his club made contact with the ball, Mickelson muttered “Oh, sh*t” under his breath — although it can be barely heard — as he watched his ball go exactly where he did not intend it to go courtesy of a huge yank.

See? Mickelson and Tiger Woods, who yelled “Jesus Christ!” at a person (or people) snapping photographs during his swing during his round, aren’t all that different! Okay, they are. To add injury to potty-mouthed insult (to turn a phrase), Mickelson did not believe — nor did anyone bother to tell him — that his ball found the out of bounds area that lines the right side of the 18th fairway, one of the quirkiest setups you’ll see at a major tournament.

That meant Mickelson had to walk all the way back to where he hit the original errant shot and hit a provisional.

Despite the flying expletive and the long walk back, Lefty nevertheless managed to limit the damage to a bogey, which arguably was a small consolation for an otherwise frustrating round for Philly Dog. A 2-over 74 leaves him 8 shots off the pace Rory McIlroy set Thursday morning with his blistering 6-under 66.

There’s always Friday for Phil.

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