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Maria Sharapova towers over Floyd Mayweather Jr. at ESPYs (GIF/photo)


Maria Sharapova, at 6-foot-2, is a real-life representation of the prototypical Amazon woman. Floyd Mayweather Jr., meanwhile, while not incredibly short, stands at 5-foot-8.

While Mayweather is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, he doesn’t look nearly as imposing or intimidating when he is merely standing next to Sharapova.

The two were paired together to present an award during Wednesday’s ESPYs broadcast, and the juxtaposition created by pairing the two provided for a comical visual that illustrated how a mere six inches can create such a drastic distance … especially when the shorter one is a bruising boxer and the taller person — while a brilliant athlete in her own right — is a gorgeous and fashionably dressed young woman.

It looks like Mayweather, despite his enormous ego, had fun with it and didn’t seem too bothered about somewhat being the butt of the joke. Although one has to suspect that anyone who spends as much time with Justin Bieber that Money Mayweather does must have a tremendous amount of patience and a helluva disposition.

The Mayweather-Sharapova pairing may be the new, much sexier version of the long-running SoB series, “Yao Ming is Taller than People Who are Shorter than Him.” Let’s get Sharapova standing next to other diminutive professional athletes and have some laughs!

(photo and GIF via the supremely talented CJ Fogler)