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Louisville Bats to wear Rebel Flight Suit jerseys on team’s ‘Star Wars Night’ (photos)


Minor league baseball teams holding a “Star Wars Night” event at the ballpark certainly is not a new concept. It’s been done time and time again to varying results.

But the Louisville Bats — the Class AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds — have upped the “Star Wars Night” game with arguably the best jerseys created for such an event.

On July 27, when the Bats host the Charlotte Knights (Chicago White Sox’s AAA affiliate), the team will don jerseys inspired by the Rebel Flight Suit.

bats-star-wars-night bats-star-wars-night-jersey-2

Bad. Ass. (pours out some beer in memory of Dak Ralter)

Bats assistant general manager Greg Galiette says the night has been in the works for a year, but there were a lot of hoops to jump through to get approval from Lucas Films to put on the event. For some reason, it’s not a surprise in the least that Lucas Films makes it a pain in the butt to use its intellectual property in any manner, even for an event such as what the Bats were trying to hold.

With the “Been There, Done That” nature of “Star Wars Nights,” the team had to “Think Outside the Death Star Trench” to put something on that was original and creative.

“We wanted to do something from the first film, and since Darth Vader had already been done, since stormtroopers has been done, this is the next best thing,”  said Galiette.

Fans who dress in character for the night will receive $3 off their ticket. All jerseys will be auctioned off following the game with proceeds going to a local children’s hospital.

The Bats are also holding a contest where fans can win a Rebel Flight Suit jersey along with four tickets to the game.

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