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Fan: Birth defect caused appearance of hand, not Giancarlo Stanton home run ball


A story made its way around the interwebs this week after a photo posted to Twitter that supposedly documented a gruesome injury supposedly caused by a barehanded attempt at catching a home run ball of the bat of Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton during Monday’s Home Run Derby attracted widespread attention.

It turns out the fan, 19-year-old Minnesota resident Jordan Jacobson, had made the entire story up. It turns out that the appearance of his hand had nothing to do with his attempted barehanded grab of Stanton’s homer but instead is the result of a birth defect.

The tall tale, before Jacobson fessed up, even attracted the attention of Stanton himself, who sent a message on Twitter to Jacobson, promising the young man some memorabilia:

Whether it was Stanton’s response or all the notoriety caused by his 15 seconds of Internet fame — or both — Jacobson’s conscience finally got the best of him on Thursday morning, when he took to Twitter to admit it was all a hoax.

Jacobson probably will receive a fair share of social media shaming as a consequence of his spinning such a yarn, but chances are he feels bad enough about it all on his own and hopefully has learned his lesson.

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