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Blake Griffin barely contains laughter after Drake’s Donald Sterling joke (video)


Blake Griffin was put in an awkward position during Wednesday night’s broadcast of the 22nd installment of the ESPYs when Drake cracked a joke about beleaguered and presumably soon-to-be-exiled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Drake mentioned that the Nokia Theatre L.A., where the ESPYs were being held was just down the road from Staples Center, which, given the harsh but justified penalties imposed upon the still-Clippers owner by the NBA, is “as close as Donald Sterling is allowed to get.”

Rim shot!

The camera cut to Griffin in the crowd and the dunking dynamo barely was able to control his laughter as he laboriously maintained a chagrined smirk on his face as he reacted to a joke that had “Awkward Conflict of Interest (But Not Much Longer)” written all over it. Well played, by both Drake and Griffin and the director of the ESPYs.

From the reviews I’ve read on the Internet, the ESPYs on Wednesday night were a rollicking, rip-roaring good time, highlighted by host Drake’s tour de force performance emceeing the event.

Sadly, I didn’t catch a second of the extravaganza as there was a wall in my house that was freshly painted and needed to be closely examined. Yeah.

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