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49ers fan gets huge tattoo of Colin Kaepernick ‘Kaepernicking’ on back (photo)


In another addition to the pantheon of “Overdoing the Gotta Support the Team Philosophy,” a San Francisco 49ers fan got a tattoo of Colin Kaepernick where the dynamic young quarterback is pulling off his trademark pose, which is colloquially known as “Kaepernicking.”

The fan, Michele Jensen, tweeted an image of the new body art on Thursday morning with the message that it is complete but just needs “touching up.”

Along with the image of the Niners signal-caller, the message “Faith in Kap” lines the bottom of tattoo.

Jensen also elected to add a Lombardi Trophy, which is cradled in Kaepernick’s left arm, as it would be difficult to hold the trophy in his left arm with all the bicep-kissing and stuff.

Overall, it’s a good enough tattoo — as far as sports-themed tattoos are concerned — but how much cooler would it have been had Jensen got a tattoo of Kaepernick modeling his new “Money is the Root of All Evil” tattoo? A cool tattoo of a cool tattoo  … or … something. Now that would have been pretty sweet.

Tattoo odes to beloved sports heroes obviously is not a new concept, and some are pretty great, others … not so much. But in this day and age of frequent player movement among teams, it’s a pretty risky endeavor to get a player inked into one’s flesh, even when the player — like Kaepernick — is “inked” to a long term deal, pun intended.

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