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Yasiel Puig posts footage of party time on a private jet bound for Miami (video)

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig certainly did not give a very good accounting of himself nor his incredible set of baseball skills with his ugly three-strikeout performance during Tuesday’s 2014 MLB All-Star Game.

In light of a video Puig posted to Instagram in the wee hours of Wednesday morning may shed some light on the possibility that he was thinking about what he had planned following the Midsummer Classic instead of focusing upon the task at hand … which involves playing in a game that is nothing more than a trumped-up exhibition with a ridiculous added component in a futile attempt to give it some kind of meaning or value … but that’s another story altogether.

And that story is there should be no reason why a three-strikeout performance should be used as fodder to condemn Puig. It is what it is and odds are despite his sometime seemingly lackadaisical attitude at times does not mean he wouldn’t have preferred to have a better showing in such a showcase event.

Anyhoo, regardless of one’s opinion of the All-Star Game and how it should or should not decide home-field advantage in the World Series, along with Puig’s less-than-stellar game at the plate on Tuesday night, the fact that he posted a video to Instagram showing him living the high life on a private jet bound for Miami should surprise absolutely no one.

This display, for better or worse, is how Puig rolls, which is why he can infuriate and amaze in the same game.

Further, what better time to whoop it up a bit, have some adult beverages with some friends and have a good time than the All-Star break when the Dodgers aren’t scheduled to play a game until Thursday in St. Louis against the Cardinals?

No harm, no foul, I say. If the video should give rise to any negative feelings about Puig, those feelings should be jealousy and envy.

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