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Protester risks life to hang banner at Target Field during All-Star Game (pics)

protest-sign-all-star-game(photo credit: Brian Peterson/Star Tribune)

Despite the practically impenetrable security that typifies a high-profile event like the All-Star Game, a protester managed to elude the Fort Knox-like setup at Target Field during Tuesday’s playing of the 2014 MLB All-Star Game to hang a protest banner, draping it over the giant video screen that hovers above the ballpark’s right field seats.

And he — or she — literally risked life and limb to accomplish their nefarious protest plot.

Witnesses say the protester climbed to the top of a parking ramp nearby Target Field to a horizontal ladder attached to the stadium.

Matt Hoy, the Twins’ senior vice president of operations, said that the individual had to navigate a seven-foot gap to make the leap, with only the street looming far below them, meaning had the person come up short, there’s a good chance they could have perished or at the very least have suffered near-fatal injuries.

“Some fool took their life into their hands to put a banner out there,’’ Hoy said.

While the death-defying protester has so far eluded capture, Hoy said “there might be a few police officers looking for them.’’

The banner remained hanging on the video board for 10-12 minutes before stadium staff were able to take it down, according to a Star Tribune report. It wasn’t an easy task, either, as stadium personnel had to don safety harnesses, climb a 5o-foot ladder in a tower adjacent to the stadium and traverse across a catwalk to reach the banner.

The message on the banner, “Love Water Not Oil,” reportedly is associated with the Honor Earth campaign, a protest group headed by Indigo Girls member Winona LaDuke.

With that in mind, let’s just say that given the treacherous gambit of reaching the video board without taking a fatal plunge, the protester in question was not “Closer to Fine” but “Closer to Being a Red Stain on the Sidewalk.”  A little more wordy than the original title of the song, but the message is clear.

While it did not appear to be readily noticeable during FOX’s broadcast of the event, the banner did cause a slight tremor on social media.

Yeah, it probably would have been safer to simply get the attention of a camera crew in the stands and have “SOY BOMB” painted on one’s chest. A much better idea than risking death to hang a silly protest banner in this person’s humble opinion. Gotta admire their moxie, though, I suppose.