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Nightmare Fuel: MMA fighter Takuya Eizumi makes extremely freaky face (GIF)


File this post under “Things I Should Watch if I Need to Stay Awake All Night” because the GIF below is one humdinger of a doozy of a dose of high octane nightmare fuel.

Takuya Eizumi is a Japanese MMA fighter in the flyweight division. Following a victory over Yusei Shimokawa at Pancrase 259 in June, Eizumi busted out this facial expression that is as disturbing as it is … uh … well, it’s just freaking disturbing, man.

Seriously, what is that? It’s a visual straight out of David Lynch film or something. If a midget strolled into the cage and started dancing, it would hardly be noticeable, nor would it alter the overall surrealistic nature of the scene. If Salvador Dali were still alive, chances are upon seeing this image, he would say, “I must paint you, Takuya.”

To lend the disturbing imagery a dose of much-needed levity and a dose of whimsy, here’s the above freak show face-making scene set to a suitable musical accompaniment.

Perfection. Good luck getting to sleep tonight, kids.

[H/T Cage Potato, via SB Nation]