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Lindsey Vonn, Roger Federer play tennis atop a glacier in Swiss Alps (photos/video)


From the many photos available online of the two together over the years, it seems that Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer, despite being titans of completely different sports, are friends, or at least have crossed paths with one another on more than one occasion.

Somehow, between their friendship, a Skype conversation and a clever promotion by a Swiss chocolatier, the two pals played some tennis together.

But not just a regular old match in some fanchy-schmancy club or whatever. Nope. The two faced off on the court atop a glacier smack dab in the Swiss Alps.

You know, normal stuff.

It all started with a Skype conversation between the two that revolved around a tweet Vonn directed to Federer last October about how the Olympic skier would gladly play tennis with Federer if he would take to the slopes with her.

And from there, with the assistance of Lindt, a chocolate and confectionery maker based in Switzerland, a court was set up on top of a glacier and there you go.

Some photos and video from the event, which reportedly was all part of a pretty brilliant marketing coup by Lindt.

lindsey-vonn-roger-federer-3 lindsey-vonn-roger-federer-2

Far out. Must have been a bit chilly, though. Now all Federer and Vonn have to do is ski on a tennis court. Actually, that won’t work at all, nor will it provide for such stunning visuals. Maybe they can downhill ski while hitting a tennis ball back and forth to each other or something.

And the best part? Free chocolate! Probably.

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