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Justin Verlander and bikini-clad Kate Upton spend All-Star break in Mexico (photos)


Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander stumbled out of the gate and certainly has not been himself thus far during the 2014 MLB season. With the unofficial mid-season break upon us, the Cy Young Award winner sits at 8-8, with a 4.88 ERA, a 1.46 WHIP with batters hitting a robust .278 against him, all numbers far below his dominant career averages.

But all is not lost for Verlander, as there is plenty of season left for him to right the ship and despite his struggles, the Tigers still have a stranglehold on the AL Central, holding a 6.5-game lead on the Kansas City Royals.

Above and beyond the condition of things on the field in light of the fact that Verlander has time to get things ramped up and going before a likely appearance in the postseason, things outside the lines are going prettay prettay prettay well for him.

Sure, his uncharacteristic struggles while toeing the rubber have been disappointing, so much so that his performance so far did not merit an All-Star Game appearance by any stretch of the imagination.

The consolation prize for missing out on All-Star festivities? Simple. Spending some time soaking up the sun and the fun in Mexico with his buxom gal pal, Kate Upton.

Verlander appears in more than a handful of the photos, but let’s be honest, that isn’t the reason anyone is paying attention to the couple’s sojourn to the sunny climes of Mexico. What truly matters here is how the gallery of pics showcases the gorgeous and busty supermodel’s beach-ready body did surface, however.

Looks like a good time. It may be difficult for Verlander to steal himself away from that idyllic scenery.

Mexico ain’t half-bad, either.

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[H/T Guyism, images via reddit]