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GAH! Here’s why you shouldn’t catch a Giancarlo Stanton homer barehanded (pic)


A word to the wise: Never try to catch a baseball barehanded that has been smacked with incredible force hundreds of feet by one of the most feared power hitters in Major League Baseball. It could get ugly. And by “it,’ we mean a gruesomely bruised hand.

If that lesson can be gleaned courtesy of what happened to Minnesota resident Jordan Jacobson during Monday’s Home Run Derby at Target Field, at least some good can come of the 19-year-old fan’s presumably painful experience.

Jacobson was in the left field stands when a longball off the bat of Miami Marlins power hitter Giancarlo Stanton came bearing down in the vicinity of his seat for the annual slugger showcase.

Without a glove in his possession, Jacobson stuck his hand up and attempted to catch the ball.

Not only did he miss out on the souvenir — the ball caromed off his hand and corralled by another fan — the amount of damage a baseball can do to a hand after traveling approximately 350 feet was quickly evident, as Jacobson’s hand bore the disturbing aftermath of the ball-to-flesh contact. His hand suffered some serious bruising, with the black-and-blue marks rising most severely on his ring and middle fingers on his right hand.

“It was extremely painful at first, then went numb after about 15 minutes,” Jacobson told Page Q. “It probably would have felt better if I would have gotten the ball.”

“He bruised it pretty badly,” his pal, Adam Alexander, who attended the Home Run Derby with Jacobson, via the Star Tribune. “It went off his hand, and it went to someone else.”

Shortly after the incident, Jacobson took to Twitter and along with the disturbing photo above, wrote, “Note to self… Bring a glove to the homerun [sic] derby next year.”

Later, sensing that if Stanton somehow saw the results of his attempt at securing one of his home run balls, Jacobson posted the following tweet:

There has been no response from Stanton just yet, but let’s hope the Marlins star gets in touch with Jacobson and makes it right with an autographed ball or something. It would at least make the pain worth it … to a certain extent.