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Beautiful rainbow frames Target Field during Home Run Derby (pics)

target-field-rainbow-hr-derby(top image photo credit: Brian Peterson/Star Tribune)

The weather did not cooperate with allowing the Home Run Derby to start on time on Monday night, with rain and unseasonably chilly temperatures — Polar Vortex rears its ugly head again, apparently — but things got kicked off a little more than an hour late at Target Field.

And while the majestic long balls off the bats of major leaguers were the highlight of the night — specifically the moon shots by Oakland Athletics oufielder Yoenis Cespedes, who became the first ever back-to-back winner of the Home Run Derby — a meteorologically magical moment occurred shortly after the Derby began when a beautiful rainbow made an appearance behind the outfield of the Minnesota Twins’ home ballpark.

The natural wonder framed Target Field and hovered wondrously over the downtown Minneapolis skyline that overlooks the right field side of the stadium.

A few more looks at Mother Nature’s stunning display of natural beauty:

target-field-rainbow-2(via reddit)