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Rapid-fire t-shirt cannon used at Target Field during Home Run Derby (videos)


Among the many hackneyed sideshows and inspired distraction that have been implemented of late in an attempt to make the in-stadium experience a more enjoyable one and help convince fans to get off their coaches and at games, the t-shirt cannon may not be the most compelling doohickey, but it certainly is something of an enjoyable novelty. Fans love it, as evidenced for how excited entire sections of stadiums get when a guy with one of those bad boys strapped to his back fires it up, takes aim and begins launching balled-up shirts into the crowd.

During the Home Run Derby at Target Field on Monday night, an amazing advancement in t-shirt cannon technology was on display when a high-powered, rapid-fire version of the weapon-inspired souvenir-spreading contraption was utilized to ensure maximum distribution while bombarding fans with volleys of shirts.

Behold, as, uh, whatever their calling it — “Gas-Powered Carbine T-Shirt Cannon,” perhaps? — unleashes a veritable barrage of shirt upon shirt on the masses.

Fantastic. This is the kind of thing John Rambo would have used if he had focused less on mass carnage and body counts and more on making people attending sporting events happy and entertained.

About the only person who probably would tremble and cower in fear and terror should they be confronted with one of these weapons of mass distraction would be Ned Flanders…


for obvious reasons.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]