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Philadelphia 76ers fan gets ‘2015 NBA Champs’ tattoo on his ass (photo)


A Philadelphia 76ers fan, apparently undeterred by the fact the team suffered through a colossally miserable season during the 2013-14 NBA regular season campaign, staggering to a horrible 19-63 record — the second-worst record in the league — went out and put his money where his, uh, butt is by getting a “2015 National Champs” tattoo on his posterior.

Granted, there’s nowhere to go butt — er, but — up from the Eastern Conference’s cellar, but such a dramatic turnaround of such a degree is as likely as this guy being able to sit comfortably for the next few days.

Here it is, in all its glory (although it should be obvious, Warning: Ass crack ahead):


The Bad Idea Tats Man writes on Instagram: “Bold prediction or nah? #ShowYaLuv #TogetherWeBuild,” before imploring the talented but young stable of Sixers players, Nerlens Noel,  Michael Carter Williams and Joel Embiid for assistance in making his tattoo prescient instead of idiotic by adding, “@nerlensnoel3 @mr_carter5 @joelembiid Help me out bruh?”

Yep, to answer his question, that’s a big “Nah.”

Sadly for this fan, despite his evident dedication to his favorite basketball team, a 76ers’ “2014 NBA Champs” tattoo falls into the same category as the Detroit Lions fan who went and got a “2015 Super Bowl Champs” tattoo.

But who knows, right? We mocked and ridiculed the Seattle Seahawks fan who got a Super Bowl champions tattoo before the start of the 2013 NFL regular season and it worked out pretty well for him. As it did for the Kentucky Wildcats basketball backer who got a 2014 National Champs tattoo before the start of March Madness. Those guys turned out to look like geniuses.

Actually, on second thought, we do know. There’s a lot of things this guy looks like, but a genius probably is not one of them. Sorry, but it be true.

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