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Stars of all kinds (even reluctant ones) pay tribute to Derek Jeter in Nike spot (video)


Released at a perfect time to coincide with the New York Yankees living legends final All-Star Game appearance on Tuesday, Nike has rolled out a Derek Jeter tribute video that is as deserving as it is star-studded and phenomenal.

The 90-second spot features the fitting theme, “Respect.” For the spot, the word is spelled, “RE2SPECT” in honor of the shortstop’s jersey number that will inevitably be retired by the Yankees soon rather than later.

A veritable cavalcade of superstars from the worlds of sport, Hollywood, among other notable cameos appear in the spot. Nike heavy hitters Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods take top billing, but the spot is highlighted by those celebrities and athletes who affectionately call New York home, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani as well as Jay-Z, Spike Lee and Billy Crystal.

Other appearances playing up the New York angle include Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony, as well as new Knicks president Phil Jackson, who enjoyed a terrific career as a Knickerbocker before his Hall of Fame coaching career.

Even players from the crosstown rival New York Mets make an appearance, although their faces are blurred out to save them from apparent embarrassment.


Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, a member of the supposed hated rival of Jeter and the Yanks, tips his cap to Jeter at the beginning of the spot. And to play up the antipathy the exists between Red Sox fans and Yankees fans and their respective teams, BoSox fans even reluctantly tip their caps to “The Captain” at the end of the spot.


All around a fantastic tribute to a ballplayer who arguably is as deserving of such accolades and respect — even if its begrudging respect — as anyone who has ever donned a major league uniform.

Added bonus: No mention of Jeter’s rumored secret ownership in an underwear company that boasts “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks” as its crowing product achievement.

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