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Pretty in Pink? Here’s what Tiger Woods will be wearing at British Open (photo)


Assuming Tiger Woods makes the cut — and given it will be his first major in quite some time, that may not be a foregone conclusion — the above articles of clothing are what the golfer will be wearing as he stalks the grounds next week during the Open Championship — the British Open to the American layperson — at Royal Liverpool.

With a foundation of black slacks, Tiger has four shirts, some hats, shoes, gloves and other assorted golf-related clothing and equipment — all Nike, of course.

A red pullover is also included, should the weather prove to take a turn into inclement territory, a near certainty in Merseyside, England (or in any other locale and course where the British Open is typically held).

Obviously, the red polo is reserved for Sunday, although everyone knows that, right?

But perhaps the most notable article of clothing has to be the pink Nike polo. While fancy for sure — when isn’t that the case with clothing featuring a pinkish hue? — something tells me that shirt may be the least favorite item Tiger will wear during the major … although Lindsey Vonn probably thinks he looks cute in it. And really, isn’t that all that matters?

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