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And So It Begins, Part II: Miami Heat fans starting to burn LeBron James jerseys (video)


The first part of the “And So It Begins” saga as it relates to the unhinged reactions of Miami Heat fans to LeBron James heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers kicked off with some vandalism. As the saga moves into its second act, arson has become the star of of the show.

That’s right, folks. Miami Heat fans are starting to burn their LeBron James-Miami Heat jerseys, among other LBJ-related mementos, souvenirs and other assorted paraphernalia.

Of course, the ritualistic burning of LeBron jerseys should not come as a surprise in the least. It actually would have been a shocker had a display of jersey-burning. Those of us watching from the outside would have been left to think, “What’s wrong with the Heat fans? Are they in such a state of disbelief that a wave of uncontrollable anger hasn’t come over them and manifested itself in a instinctual fit of jersey-igniting pyromania?”

Thankfully, at least some Heat fans had the good sense to start burning LeBron stuff and posting evidence of it to the Internet. Much appreciated, folks. And keep it up, a nation of folks hellbent on schadenfreude are depending on you to lose your minds.