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Manziel posts pic of huge fake banner in Cleveland to welcome LeBron back (photo)


Johnny Manziel and LeBron James have established a pretty tight friendship due to the fact that they both are pimp for Nike and share the same representation, LRMR Management.

Now that the two are Alpha Male #1 and Alpha Male #1a — figure out which one is which on your own (it’s kinda a no-brainer) — in Cleveland, odds are the dynamic duo are about to develop that much closer of a bond.

When Manziel signed on with Nike, LeBron took to Instagram to welcome his newest endorsement colleague.

Now, Manziel has responded in kind, taking to social media on Friday to both celebrate James’ triumphant return to the Cavaliers and welcome him back to the city of Cleveland.

First, Manziel took to Twitter.

And then, Manziel moseyed on over to his Instagram account to post the below Photoshopped image of a fake ginormous banner hanging on a Cleveland building featuring the two superstars, featuring the caption, “Let’s get it then!”

Confirming the inauthentic, artificially manufactured nature of the banner, CleveScene, below a posted photo of the pic, noted, “Just kidding. Jesus, that would be awful.”

Awful, indeed. I mean, “Cleveland Rocks”? Talk about a hackneyed pop culture reference long past its expiration date. Wait … hackneyed pop culture references are my bit! Lay off, Johnny Football!

Moving on, if anyone’s curious about real LeBron signage in Cleveland, this one appears to be the Real Deal Holyfield:

Much better.