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Back where it all began: LeBron James announces his return to Cleveland Cavaliers


After a sojourn to South Beach in pursuit of NBA glory, in particular championships — two of which he won — Lebron James announced on Friday that he is going back to where it all began. That’s right, this fall the NBA superstar who refers to himself as ‘Just a kid from Akron,” will again play for the NBA franchise playing just own the road from his hometown.

Who says you can’t go home again?

As opposed to the overwrought exercise in self-promotion that was ‘The Decision,” “The Decision 2: Electric Boogaloo” was a much more low key affair, as the announcement was revealed in an exclusive on entitled, “I’m Coming Home.”

The piece features the byline “By LeBron James (As Told To By Lee Jenkins),” giving the impression that the words written — or said — were straight from LeBron’s heart. And from reading it, that certainly seems to be the case.

James addresses his exodus from Cleveland, but insists that the most important thing now is bringing a championship to the Cavaliers.

When I left Cleveland, I was on a mission. I was seeking championships, and we won two. But Miami already knew that feeling. Our city hasn’t had that feeling in a long, long, long time. My goal is still to win as many titles as possible, no question. But what’s most important for me is bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.

I always believed that I’d return to Cleveland and finish my career there. I just didn’t know when. After the season, free agency wasn’t even a thought. But I have two boys and my wife, Savannah, is pregnant with a girl. I started thinking about what it would be like to raise my family in my hometown. I looked at other teams, but I wasn’t going to leave Miami for anywhere except Cleveland. The more time passed, the more it felt right. This is what makes me happy.

He also acknowledged that this time around, there would be no over-the-top display, as was the case between “The Decision,” and the smoke machine-fueled lovefest when he, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade strutted around a stage before LeBron made his now infamous “Not one, not two, not three…” speech.

“I’m not having a press conference or a party. After this, it’s time to get to work,” the piece reads.

James sums up the write-up with the following shoutout to his home before stating that at long last, he’s back where he belongs.

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.

I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.

And there you have it. Home sweet home. It probably should not have gone any other way … just try telling that to Heat fans right now. Let the James Heat jersey-burnings begin!