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And so it begins: LeBron James defaced on Heat mural in Miami (photo)


As Miami Heat fans attempt to reconcile the fact that LeBron James has done them wrong in nearly the same manner he did the Cleveland Cavaliers wrong when he spurned his hometown fans to take his talents to South Beach, we all knew for every even-keeled, practical and sober-minded response by a fan in Miami to the news that King James was returning to his Ohio kingdom, there would be countless reactions that flew in the face of good sense.

And one of those aforementioned ill-advised responses involved a Heat mural in Miami.

Yep, some unhinged individual took the vandalism route in an ill-conceived attempt to deal with his (or her) feelings of betrayal, defacing the Heat mural by spray-painting over LeBron’s face.

That didn’t take long did it? Certainly not as long as the two-plus-years it apparently took to complete the mural. Sad.

Expect more of this kind of behavior from sociopaths in Miami who take sports far too seriously to only continue in the coming days. Hopefully, it doesn’t get any more severe than this nonsense.

(image via WPLG Local 10 News)