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Greg Maddux used to urinate on unsuspecting Braves rookies in team’s showers


Greg Maddux: World class pitcher. Soon-to-be-enshrined player in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Legendary prankster. Shower urinator.

The last two notable aspects of Maddux’s public persona go hand-in-hand — and hand in … never mind — as the pantheon of great Greg Maddux stories has received a rather unsanitary addition related to the pitcher’s propensity to pee on rookies in the communal showers of the Atlanta Braves.

Almost a throwaway nugget in an ESPN The Magazine piece about the culture of communal showers in sports, comes this little anecdote about Maddux’s treatment of rookies during his days with the Braves.

Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux used to mosey up to rookies in the shower, engage them in conversation and, while pretending to listen to them talk, secretly pee down their legs.

Now that’s what I call a serious case of hazing. Or, given the nature of the pee-pee prank, should it be referred to as “spritzing”?

Side note: Bonus points to Maddux, if he ever was caught, um, red-handed (?) by the victim of his potty humor, said in his defense: “Well, what was I supposed to do? Get out of the shower, put on my bathrobe? Go all the way down to the other end? Come all the way back?”

So long as it was after 1994, the year the “Seinfeld” episode, “The Wife,” first aired, which of course involved a storyline where George Costanza got caught urinating in the shower at the health club. Otherwise, whew! That would have been a “weird coincidence.”

Yep, another “Seinfeld” reference. Two for the price of one.

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