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Fan smashed in face by ball after failing to catch Nick Swisher homer (video)

Baseball, along with most sports, is often referred to as a “Game of Inches.” The same apparently can be said about the fans taking in America’s Pastime … especially when it involves narrowly missing out on catching a home run ball … and how those inches may result in massive facial reconstructive surgery.

Cleveland Indians slugger Nick Swisher just barely hit a ball far enough for a home run during Thursday’s game against the New York Yankees at Progressive Field.

The ball just barely cleared the yellow stripe above the wall to qualify for a round-tripper. A fan seated in the front row, with glove on hand, made an attempt at snatching the ball before it hit the sizable tabletop-like surface crowning the outfield wall but came up short, as the railing prevented him from reaching out to full extension.

That’s when things got ugly. The baseball then bounced up off the wall with some considerable speed … and smack dab straight into his face. The ball drilled the guy with such force that it then caromed off his face and back onto the field.

Back and to the left … back and to the left…

That had to hurt. There’s no word on the fan’s condition, but there is reasonable chance that he may be taking his meals through a straw on Friday, perhaps even longer.

(GIF via The Big Lead)