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Derek Jeter a secret owner in ‘Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks’ underwear brand?


As Derek Jeter continues to tour the country this summer on his “Retirement Tour Super-Happy Funtime Bonanza,” news has surfaced that indicates the New York Yankees star is preparing himself for life after baseball on the investment side of things.

One of those investments purportedly involves being a “secret owner” in an underwear company specializing in an undergarment called “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks,” which just might be one the greatest colloquialisms to explain a type of men’s underwear ever uttered in the history of men’s underwear.

Jeter’s gal pal Hannah Davis must be impressed.

The company Jeter allegedly is an investor in is “Frigo RevolutionWear,” whose top product apparently is the aforementioned “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks.” RevolutionWear apparently is a high-tech pair of drawers that boasts a “soft lock adjustment system” to go with a “patented pouch” referred to as the “Frigo Zone.” The underwear reportedly retail for about $100.


And as all men know, there’s no price to steep to ensure that one’s “Frigo Zone” is safely nestled in a “patented pouch.” Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Lending some credence to Jeter’s supposed involvement as an investor in the company is his face is splashed all over the homepage of Frigo’s official site, as he was photographed at a company launch party in New York last year.

Page Six is reporting that the supposed underwear outfit investment, to borrow a phrase from Sid Hudgens in “L.A. Confidential,” is “Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush,” as Jeter’s people are concerned that the Yankees wouldn’t be too keen on the star’s name being mentioned along with such scandalous-sounding unmentionables.

“His team is concerned he’ll turn into the next Jim Palmer,” said a Page Six source, indicating that the fear is Jeter could be tabbed as a high-profile underwear model, something the Yankees star shot down at the Frigo event last year, saying, “It’d be too embarrassing.”

In case your curiosity is piqued by a pair of underwear referred to as “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks,” Frigo CEO Mathias Ingvarsson explains the skivvies further.

“It separates your genitals from the rest of your body . . . It lifts a little bit so [guys] feel the comfort,” he said.

Alrighty then.

The company’s marketing materials expand upon the CEO’s “nutty” comments.

“Unlike other garments that keep things in place by compressing your package inward, Frigo provides support from behind so you won’t feel constricted.”

That sounds all kinds of awkward, to be perfectly honest. But hey, if a company counts Derek Jeter — not to mention Carmelo Anthony and 50 Cent — as key and major investors, they must be doing something right.