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Texas Rangers fan drilled by foul ball, proudly shows off ghastly bruise (video)


A fan seated in the stands along the first baseline behind the first base dugout at Globe Life Park in Arlington paid a pretty heavy and bruising price in exchange for a souvenir baseball.

During the 6th inning of the Texas Rangers-Houston Astros tilt on Wednesday night, Astros first baseman Jon Singleton scalded a ball into the seats. Apparently, the ball descended upon an unfortunate fan far too quickly for him to react, as evidence of the damage the ball did after drilling him in the stomach almost instantaneously became disturbingly apparent.

Yikes. Do you know what may help alleviate the sting? A two-foot-long Tanaco, of course.
The guy deserves credit for handling the shot to body with such aplomb, laughing it off while showing off a pretty gnarly bruise that rose to the skin’s surface pretty quickly. That had to hurt, man. And no matter how much it stung upon impact and immediately afterward, odds are this guy was feeling it a lot more come Thursday morning.