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This personalized Mets jersey is certifiable, Grade A chick repellent (photo)


Unless a female is a big-time sports fan, a jersey is not something that typically will cause her to swoon and say, “I’m in love.” There is something about donning a jersey that probably indicates to a woman that a man may have his priorities not exactly in the right order and that ultimately when it comes down to it, her needs may often take a backseat to his favorite teams.

While the above observation should not necessarily be taken as gospel, nor is it a certainty, it’s reasonable to assume that a fellas sporting a well put-together ensemble consisting of a nice pair of slacks and any kind of shirt other than a jersey is more likely to catch a gal’s eye during a night out than a pair of cargo shorts and a pro sports jersey.

The only thing that arguably exacerbates the “Jersey as Chick Repellent” phenomenon is a jersey featuring a personalization of the name on the back, be it a person’s real name, like Johnson, Smith or O’Doyle or a nickname, such as “Sully,” “Meathead” or “Kegstand Dan.”

Be that as it may, one New York Mets fan took the personalized jersey faux pas to entirely more objectionable level with his personalized jersey.

Granted, this photo has been around on the Internet for awhile, but SB Nation brought it back around on Thursday — and it allowed me to go on my anti-personalized sports jersey tirade — so, ladies and germs, I give you: “MILF HUNTER.”

Fail. Fail, fail, fail, fail. The No. 69, a completely sophomoric attempt at humor, ain’t helping, either. Now that’s going to get the ladies running in the opposite direction, to say the least. Even MILFs, perhaps.

Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy. Maybe he is a ladykiller of great skill and is known for his Lothario-like ability to seduce the fairer sex. But probably not.