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Smart Web developer guy: is being prepped with Cavaliers colors


With the news on Wednesday that LeBron James intends to reveal the details of “The Decision 2: Electric Boogaloo” on his official website,, NBA fans have been paying close attention to the site for any signal, any sign, any indication that hints where King James is going to land once the endless speculation, conjecture and wild theories being tossed about over the past few weeks have thankfully run their course and come to an end.

Now it appears a person with astute interweb detective abilities has gleaned a pretty compelling clue from the inner workings of LeBron’s official site by taking a peek behind the curtain and discovering some code or something that indicates … something … apparently.

Grantland contributor posted the following tweet indicating one of his web developer pals has perhaps discovered a pretty telling development/addition/modification to

That kind of technical stuff and website mumbo jumbo fall far outside the realm of things included in my area of expertise — hackneyed pop culture references, Boz Scaggs jokes and the most efficient way to cook Bagel Bites — so at least humble blogger will have to take this guy’s word for it, what with all the commentary about plugging things into hex charts and whatnot. I mean, why would I want to tempt fate and do anything involving some kind of supernatural chart that opens up the possibility of causing hexes? That’s kooky talk!