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Jesper Parnevik breaks rib falling off Segway, posts humiliating footage of it (video)


Jesper Parnevik was once one of professional golf’s biggest stars, both over in Europe as well as here in the States.

While he never set the PGA Tour or European Tour on fire with victory after victory, the elder statesman of Swedish golf carved out a more-than-respectable career on the course, and was known as something of a quirky character away from it.

Parnevik is now 49 years old and doesn’t seem to play all that much in the bigger events, a career condition that evidently affords him a lot of time to tool around on his Segway.

Unfortunately for Jesper, the loads of free time he has to devote to his Segway has not translated into mastery of the two-wheeled conveyance, much less competency.

Yep, Parnevik took a bit of a tumble on his Segway. Actually, it was a bit more than a bit of a tumble, as Jesper apparently busted a rib in the process of comically wiping out, crashing down hard upon the very contraption that was previously keeping him up.

All kidding aside, man oh man, did that look like it hurt or what?

At least Parnevik had a sense of humor about it, writing on Instagram on Wednesday: “Haha, of all injuries I’v had, this is the most ridiculous!! Broke a rib and had to withdraw from all events this month.”

Haha, indeed.

Sadly, Parnevik isn’t the first pro golfer to injure himself on one of these things that apparently are accidents just waiting to happen (at least for golfers, that is), as Brandt Snedeker suffered a strained ACL in his left knee and bruised his left tibia as a result of a Segway-related mishap in 2013.

Finally, obligatory.

Now that’s what you call a segue into a Segway-related segue, am I right?

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