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The BrooklyKnight Falls: Brooklyn Nets have killed off ridiculous team mascot

The Brooklyn Nets committed something of a mercy killing on Wednesday when the team announced that its much-maligned, completely ridiculous and absurdly cheesy mascot, BrooklyKnight, will not be returning next season.

Grantland’s Zach Lowe was the first to break the sobering — but welcome — news on Twitter.

The Nets then released an official statement of sorts announcing the killing off of the BrooklyKnight on Thursday:

So, as the goofy mascot with no real connection to the team other than in its name shuffles off this mortal mascot coil, let us wish him godspeed on his journey to Mascot Valhalla — where he will presumably encounter the original incarnation of Pierre the Pelican — and remember him at his best … which of course means his worst, when he horribly missed on a dunk attempt.

Fare thee well, BrooklyKnight. May we never see you again.

(note: And for all you comic book nerds out there — yes, the title is in reference to the Frank Miller graphic novel classic from the 1986 “Batman: The Dark Knight series, “The Dark Knight Falls” … Best. Batman. Comic. Ever.)