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Woman claims Rob Gronkowski traded his boxers for her first class seat (photos)


In a story that just might be too good to be true — more on that later — a woman has relayed to Barstool Sports that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski so wanted her first-class seat on a recent flight from Chicago to Boston that he traded her his boxer shorts and allowed some over-the-shorts semi- heavy petting in exchange for the more roomy accommodations.

The reader’s email to Barstool, slightly censored for content, not punctuation:

I gave up first class seats to grab gronks ****. His ticket was in an extra leg room aisle, I was in first class and he asked for our seats. I told him I’d do it but asked what’s in it for me. He signed his boarding pass and gave it to me, we shot the **** for 20 minutes in the air and he gave me his boxers after. Win win, no??

And the photos the woman passed along to the site:

rob-gronkowski-boxer-trade rob-gronkowski-boxer-trade-2rob-gronkowski-boxer-trade-3 rob-gronkowski-boxer-trade-4

Certainly a claim such as this requires — and deserves — some semblance of scrutiny. But when photographs exist the purportedly document the incident? Well, that at least lends the story at least the possibility that it may in fact be true. Whether or not the supposed seat exchange actually occurred, photographic evidence does exist that shows, a) a young woman grabbing Gronk very closely to his crotchal region; b) said young woman holding a pair of boxers; and c) a boarding pass with Rob Gronkowski’s name on it that appears to also feature the NFL star’s autograph.

To further corroborate the alleged exchange, Gronkowski apparently spent the 4th of July weekend partying down in Chicago.

That all adds up to some pretty compelling documentation that something weird occurred. Although it would have been cooler if she had proudly and triumphantly held the boxers aloft above her head in homage to Farmer Ted pulling that move after he procured Sam’s panties in “Sixteen Candles.” Oh well.

Add on the fact that said semi-sordid story revolves around the antics of the renowned wild man known as Gronk, a person who apparently has been incapable of breaking out of his frat boy persona despite the fact he’s been out of college for years now ? Well, that makes all the more likely as well.

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