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One of the Boys: Rob Gronkowski spotted at Katy Perry concert (video)

The “Summer of Gronk: Circa 2014” has been an enjoyable ride thus far to say the least. There has been so much good stuff courtesy of the wild and crazy antics of the New England Patriots tight end that it makes one wish this summer would never end.

What makes this edition of Gronk’s “One Crazy Summer” is that Gronkowski is spending an inordinate amount of time taking in pop music concerts, like he’s some kind of starry-eyed teenage girl.

First, Gronk was spotted busting a move at a Jennifer Lopez concert in late June. Next up, the Gronkenheimer was seen getting down and getting funky at a Jay-Z-Beyonce concert alongside Patriots owner Robert Kraft. And now, the frat boy-turned-Top 40 aficionado has been captured on camera in the audience at a Katy Perry concert in Connecticut.

Can’t say I blame him. Katy Perry friggin’ wails, man. “One of the Boys” is a seminal album featuring a feminine take on pop music mastery. Or something.

TMZ managed to obtain some video footage of the Gronkinator in the crowd. Unfortunately, the Gronkowski is not showcasing his best dance moves in this one. Oh well, can’t expect perfection every time, even from the Gronkmeister.

A side pseudo-programming note: This post marks the second time on this wonderful Wednesday that Gronkowski has been featured on SoB. Previously, we covered the semi-scandalous news that Gronk may have traded a pair of boxers to a woman in exchange for her first-class seat on a flight.

Two time, one day. Do you know what we call that in the sports blogging business? A red-freaking-letter day … brah.

And even better: Any time Miss Katy Perry can be mentioned in an SoB post? Well, so much the better.