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Richard Sherman still isn’t a big fan of Michael Crabtree, in case you’re wondering

The antagonistic relationship between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree hit its crescendo during the NFC Championship Game last season, when the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver didn’t take too kindly to the brazen Seattle Seahawks cornerback getting in his face after making the play of the the game by breaking up a pass in the end zone that led to a Seattle interception that iced the game.

Crabtree was further offended by Sherman’s antics when the fiery defensive back tried to talk to him after the Seahawks punched their ticket to the Super Bowl courtesy of a hard-fought 23-17 win over his 49ers.

Sherman further exacerbated the animosity that already existed between the two by going off on Crabtree during his legendary infamous rant during a postgame interview with Erin Andrews (something that gave rise to this delightful video, among others, by the way).

This turned a smoldering rivalry between the two competitors into a fiery feud, further inflamed as the two traded barbs during the offseason, primarily initiated by Sherman.

Things have been quiet on the Sherman-Crabtree front for some time … that is until Sherman not only fanned the flames but reignited the feud with some inflammatory comments recently which made it abundantly clear that he still isn’t particularly fond of Crabtree.

Sherman makes the antagonistic comments during his appearance in Wednesday night’s debut episode of “American Muscle” on the Discovery Channel.

“It’s much more of just I don’t like the dude,” Sherman says in the episode, via For the Win. “You know what I’m saying. And I think he’s sorry. So it’s really what it comes down to.”

Not finished with his anti-Crabtree soliloquy, Sherman continued.

“It’s just about him, it’s just about Crabtree,” Sherman says on the show. “It’s not going to be something that goes away. I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out. There’s not much else I can say about the subject. Nobody will understand it but him and me. That’s all that needs to understand.”

So, not friends, right? No barbecues, no being on a bowling team together, no Saturday morning golf outings, nothing like that for these two guys, hug?

That’s probably for the best. Sherman carries a grudge as well as Boz Scaggs carries a tune, apparently … if that makes any sense. Which it probably does not.

Cheesy pop music references aside, given that these two play on teams in the same division, means they will have the opportunity to become reacquainted on the gridiron at least twice this upcoming season, barring injury or what have you. Something tells me it won’t be a friendly reunion.