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Prince Fielder ‘Body Issue’ Photoshops are here because the Internet (photos)

prince-fielder-creation(via r/helpful)

It’s hardly surprising given that he landed on the cover — not to mention his unique, unconventional body type — that Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder is the unquestioned superstar to emerge from the 2014 edition of ESPN The Magazine’s annual “Body Issue.”

The Internet — as it is wont to do (writing as if the Internet is some kind of self-aware entity – wait, is it?) see here and here and here and here — had a veritable field day with the image of the robustly figured Fielder posing nude. And that of course means a heaping helping of humorous Photoshops.

To wit, along with the brilliant interpretation of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”:

prince-fielder-cliffhanger(via r/BN83)


prince-fielder-evolution(via r/-Domholmes)


And finally, arguably the greatest Photoshop thus far in homage to Prince Fielder’s “Body Issue” appearance … behold, Prince on “The Price is Right”:


Perfection. Bravo.

And the best part? This is merely scratching the surface. There are many, many more out there. Seek and ye shall find.