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LeBron’s ‘The Decision 2: Electric Boogaloo’ expected to be revealed on his website


The long, torturous wait may not be as long as what was originally expected. According to a tweet on Wednesday afternoon from Sam Amico, NBA columnist and TV analyst for FOX Sports and FOX Sports Ohio and originally reported by Cleveland’s WKYC, LeBron James is expected to officially announce “The Decision 2: Electric Boogaloo” on his official website,

That means fans will not have to sit through a torturous, narcissistic and self-promoting debacle that was the original “Decision” that aired on ESPN when LeBron first announced he was “taking his talents to South Beach” all those years ago. Instead, James’ website and his website alone will reap the benefits of, as Amico, suggests, repeated and obsessive page refreshes.

The current money is on James returning to his home state and once again suiting up with the Cleveland Cavaliers … unless a person wants to rely on the countless other theories that have desperately attempted to postulate and predict exactly where King James is going to land.

For those LeBron-ophiles who don’t want to repeatedly keep pressing F5 on their PCs — or Command-R on their Macs — WKYC has set up a page on its site that features a live feed of that refreshes every 20 seconds.

Get refreshing, kiddos. Or use WKYC’s feed. Or don’t do either and just wait and see what happens and learn about LeBron’s “Decision 2” on Twitter or whatever. Or wait for the millions of sites to report it upon the instant his decision is revealed either Wednesday night or Thursday.

Or, for folks who are already frustrated and exhausted from the tireless speculation, simply wait until you read the sports page tomorrow or Friday morning when you get up and grab that first cup of coffee.

Wait … people besides me still read papers, right?