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Of course a Johnny Manziel ice cream flavor features a splash of bourbon (photo)


An ice cream flavor created in honor of Johnny Manziel — the presumed savior of the Browns franchise as well as the harbinger of happiness headed to the Ohio city given the fanfare and hype surrounding the rookie quarterback’s arrival —  has begun popping up in a Cleveland grocery store chain.

Inspired by the ESPN Cleveland radio program, “The Really Big Show,” the ode to Johnny Football by way of frozen treats reportedly is produced by local ice cream-making outfit Pav’s Creamery. It is sold at the Ohio grocery store chain Acme Fresh Market.

According to the label on the carton of ice cream — cleverly named “How Ya Doing Johnny” — one of the ingredients that gives the flavor a distinctly Manziel-esque quality is a splash of Cleveland 87 Bourbon. Because, you know, of course.

“How Ya Doing Johnny” also features a citrusy tinge of flavor courtesy of some orange zest, which is mixed along with the bourbon in vanilla ice cream, creating “summertime flavor taste similar to a ‘Creamsicle’.”

But we all know what makes this a Johnny Manziel ice cream. The bourbon, baby. It’s unknown whether Manziel ever imbibes bourbon or if it is his alcohol of choice,, but odds are he wouldn’t turn down a lowball glass of it, either.

Here’s the question: Odds are the bourbon is cooked off in the process of preparing the ice cream, but if it wasn’t, would the intoxicating qualities of the booze counteract an ice cream headache or exacerbate it? Something to think about.

[H/T The Score, image via @NateUlrichABJ]