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Russell Westbrook officially launches line of high-end sunglasses (photos)


Given his somewhat “unique” choices in postgame attire during his basketball career, Russell Westbrook clearly considers himself something of a fashion forward gentlemen (for lack of a better way of putting it), so it makes sense that during his downtime from the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder star has made a foray into the world of fashion.

Along with his partnership with Barneys that features a collection of clothing with more than 60 items that was unveiled earlier this summer — he also launched a line of underwear in April — Westbrook officially launched his sunglasses line on Tuesday, conveniently named “Westbrook Frames.”

Westbrook officially announced the launch Tuesday on Twitter, along with a website.

The line at the time of launch features 10 different pairs of sunglasses with prices in the range of $95-145, which sadly are fairly moderately priced compared to the extravagant sums of money a person can drop on a pair of high-fashion sunglasses these days.

Here’s a look at some shades from Westbrook’s “Gold Series,” which appears to be the only available series at this time.


What makes these frames somewhat different than those Westbrook has been known to wear in the past is that these actually have lenses in them, which is a pretty nice feature.

Here’s a video from Complex where Westbrook discusses his latest endeavor.

Fascinating. What’s next for Westbrook as he immerses himself deeper into the world of fashion is the question. My guess is propeller beanies. You heard it here first: Westbrook Propeller Beanies will be the next big thing in men’s fashion. Mark it down.