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ESPN’s Jay Williams hangs with Justin Bieber, Internet reacts accordingly (photo)


If a person wants to raise the ire of his or her Twitter followers — so long as a majority of one’s Twitter followers is not comprised by tween girls and creepy adults — a good way to do that is to hang out with Justin Bieber. ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams managed to even kick it up a notch by not only hanging with the Biebster but then heaping praise on the seemingly narcissistic pop star.

According to his social media activity, Williams, who won a national championship at Duke but had his NBA career was cut tragically short due to injuries related to a motorcycle accident, recently spent some vacation time in Cabo San Lucas and on Monday evening, tweeted out a photo of himself alongside Bieber in what appears to be a private jet.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the message Williams attached to the photo initially confounded his Twitter followers — and subsequently, anyone with half a brain — by claiming the teen idol is “truly inspiring” and “changing lives.” Wait. What?

Sweet sassy molassey. That ain’t right. In fact, it’s a whole lotta wrong. And Twitter laid a heaping helping of vitriolic smack down on Williams for daring to align himself with Bieber’s reign of terror on pop culture, not to mention his recent forays into criminal delinquency.

And that’s just a brief sampling of the tame condemnations that popped up on Twitter in reaction to Williams’ social media faux pas.

SB Nation does point out, though, that Bieber and Williams have a history, as the two once played one-on-one a few years back.

Fair enough, but still, to glowingly praise Justin Bieber as being some kind of inspirational agent of worldwide change? Hoo boy.

Between this troubling development, his friendship with Floyd Mayweather, how he hung out with Johnny Manziel, among other annoying things, Bieber has managed to burrow his way into the sports world like some kind of spotlight-hogging parasite. And it doesn’t look like he’ll be going away anytime soon.

Again, not good.