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Here’s the invitation for Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron’s wedding (photo)


Since odds are most folks reading this post — I’m still holding out hope (fingers crossed!) — will not be receiving one in the mail, Miss Katherine Webb tweeted out the above image on Tuesday of the invitation for her and A.J. McCarron’s upcoming nuptials. Along with the photo, Webb tweeted out the message, “Getting excited,” which is better than, “Holy Crap!” or something along those lines.

Let’s hope McCarron, no longer a star with the Alabama Crimson Tide but a backup quarterback with the Cincinnati Bengals, didn’t pull a George Constanza and skimp on the quality of invitations. Even more so, let’s hope A.J. doesn’t pull a Rory McIlroy upon the appearance of wedding invitations.

To prevent the possibility of any supposed wedding crashers finding out the specific details related to the when and where, Webb wisely covered up the time, date and exact location of the high profile couple’s wedding. There’s nothing that could ruin the moment like a bunch of cretinous ingrates yelling “ROLL TIDE!!!” during the saying of their vows. Good call.

But Webb did provide a hint at when the wedding will be held by tweeting out a cryptic message to her fiancĂ© — and her 322,000 Twitter followers (way to keep it on down low) — over the weekend that indicated the big day is coming up quickly. Littered with emoticons, the tweet on Saturday contained the message “7 days.” My excellent grasp of math and counting leads me to believe the wedding will be on Saturday.

Hopefully, the reality show cameras will be rolling, although word has it that rumor about the nuptials being the subject of a reality special was an overblown non-story.

Clearly, with that time frame in mind, the invitations should have been mailed out months ago and this was only a way for Webb to taunt those of us who weren’t invited to the wedding that will join Alabama royalty in holy matrimony. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be invited to the wedding of Blake Bortles and Lindsey Duke. Stranger things have happened.

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