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Randy Johnson Redux: Minor league pitcher Jon Maciel drills bird with pitch (video)


In an incident that can only be described as a million to one shot, a minor league pitcher recently pulled a Randy Johnson by drilling a bird with a pitch.

Jon Maciel of the West Michigan Whitecaps, the Class-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, was pitching in Sunday’s game against the Fort Wayne TinCaps when a pitch in the bottom of the third inning plunked a bird that unfortunately crossed the path of the baseball.

Sadly, the bird suffered a worse fate than the presumed suicidal bird that risked life and wing by coming dangerously close to being plunked by a toss from Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Chase Anderson earlier this season.

Unlike the unforgettable outcome of the deadly Randy Johnson pitch all those years ago that resulted in a feathery bird-spolosion of carnage, the bird drilled by Maciel simply dropped to the ground. It took a few moments for anyone — including the announcers — to realize what had just transpired. But when it was all said and done, a grounds crew member or ballpark staffer jogged out to the field to pick up the bird, a poor victim of seemingly incalculable happenstance.

Despite the highest hopes expressed by the announcers when saying they hoped the bird was alright, there is virtually no chance the bird survived. And if it did, odds are it won’t ever be the same. Treatment for such a catastrophic injury likely would require the emergency shipment of some special, really tiny instruments from El Paso.

To  his credit, Maciel felt bad for being an unwitting participant in such an unfortunate scene, tweeting his regrets for his part in the incident to Deadspin in response to the site’s post about what occurred.

Poor guy. But even more so, poor bird.

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