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Ducks goalie John Gibson’s new mask has Pac-Man theme, hologram (pic/vid)


Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson will be the team’s presumed starting goaltender in the 2014-15 NHL season, and to perhaps commemorate his ascension to the role of No. 1 netminder, he’ll have a pretty awesome new goalie mask when he takes his place between the pipes.

While Gibson may be only 20 years old, he apparently has at least some knowledge of the classic video games of yesteryear, as his new mask pays tribute to arguably the greatest of all old school video games, “Pac-Man.”

As most clever, amazing and original goalie masks of the era, the creative force behind Gibson’s “Pac-Man” mask is DAVEART’s Dave Gunarrsson.

A description of the mask and its throwback theme, via DAVEART’s Facebook page:

“Today we have the pleasure to present the new mask for Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson. And this mask is something totally unique… it is transformed into the classic video game Pac-Man… and instead of the yellow eating dot, here it is a Ducks mask eating the smaller dots, so let us introduce the Pac-Duck mask! A nice tribute to the classic video game. Hey Pac-Duck, watch out for the ghosts!”

Not only does Gibson’s mask make a reverential nod to the quarters-depleting video game of old, an additional feature that arguably is as cool as its overall theme is the fact that it has a pretty awesome Ducks hologram located on the side:

Pretty sweet. Paying tribute to a fantastic 1980s video game and its iconic character certainly is a brilliant concept, but here’s my question: When is Q*Bert going to get his due and the love he deserves? Let’s make it happen, DAVEART.