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Joe Maddon’s lineup card for Rays had distinct Tommy Tutone quality to it (photo)

Whether done on purpose or simply a case of happenstance — probably the latter, although who knows with this guy — the lineup card Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon prepared for the team’s game against the Detroit Tiger at Comerica Park on Thursday invoked a reference to a one-hit wonder classic from yesteryear that caught the eye of the Rays Twitter account and later, the manager himself.

Even though the reference likely goes far over the head of many of the young whippersnappers, there was a decade called the 80s and while there were many great songs to emerge from the era, the pop music landscape was littered with drivel, completely cheese-tastic detritus that is better forgotten than treasured.

Depending on one’s taste in music, a song from a guy who went by Tommy Tutone rocketed up the charts in 1981, “867-5309/Jenny,” either is considered a classic or one of the aforementioned cheesy tunes to emerge from the decadent decade.

Personally, I find myself in the company who deems the tune a pretty rocking little diddy, and if the reference was intentional, Maddon is in the same camp, as his lineup card contained the now-legendary phone number contained in the title and chorus of the song.

Maddon quickly noticed the strange — or intentional — coincidence.

Haha. Leave it to an somewhat eccentric — but fantastic — fellow like Maddon to be involved in something like this. The next thing you know, he’ll be inviting Patty Smyth to the clubhouse to perform a rollicking rendition of the 1984 Scandal hit, “The Warrior,” to pump up the team. He’s done stranger things, that’s for sure. And that song rocks, man.

And yes, I could come up with many more 80s pop music references if I were so inclined, but I won’t.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, the Tommy Tutone-inspired lineup didn’t produce, as the Rays fell to the Tigers by a score of 8-1. Maybe Maddon should consult Rick Springfield next time.